General Corporate Practice and Advisory Work

Taking the role as the clients’ corporate legal counsel, we offer practical solutions based on our clients’ unique needs and long term objectives, with due regard to the changing legal and regulatory climate. We advise on a broad spectrum of corporate and commercial work in line with the prevailing Indonesian laws and sector-specific regulations.

The depth of our expertise enables us help clients anticipate and comply with the evolving and heightened standards of government regulators. We have extensive experience helping clients implement effective compliance procedures, closely tailored to their particular business and associated legal risks. We work closely with our clients to resolve even the most complex issues and unique transactions.

We advise our clients on legal issues that may affect their day-to-day operations, as well as on the extraordinary events that may have significant ramifications for their businesses. We are equally comfortable in providing general corporate maintenance services, ranging from performing compliance legal due diligence to handling the process of obtaining governmental licenses and approvals.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our team of corporate lawyers has always stepped up to the plate when dealing with diverse and intricate Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) transaction. We advise our clients on full range of transactions, representing either side of parties in acquisition, merger/consolidation and dissolution/liquidation of Indonesian companies. Through active participation from the early stage of legal due diligence to the drafting of closing documents, we consistently aim to make sure that our clients are fully informed of the risks involved in order to eventually make sound business decision.

In addition to being equipped with comprehensive legal knowledge, we are trained to assess the transaction in a cost-effective manner to help realize the true value of the deal and proactively use the suitable approach with a view to closing the transaction in a way that serves the client’s best interest.

We advise multinational companies, domestic corporations, brand-owners, investors and private equity funds in our M&A valued transactions. With our creditable experience in cross-border transactions, we are accustomed to immerse ourselves in a global working environment, making sure we effectively deliver high-quality services to benefit our clients.

Capital Markets

We act as strategic partners for our clients advising on a full range of corporate needs strategizing on corporate growth plans and the subsequent need to access the capital markets.

Navigating the markets, securities regulations and mandatory disclosure can be challenging. We offer detailed knowledge and practical experiences in guiding our clients’ transactions. We advise public and private companies, as well as investors, in connection with public and exempt offerings of securities. Our lawyers handle all aspects of these offerings, from diligence and drafting of required disclosure documents filed with capital market authority and stock exchange, and related agreements. With a focus on public company work including extensive experience in advising compliance with securities regulations, affiliated party and material transactions, tender offer transactions and disclosure areas our team is well positioned to address clients’ needs and protect their reputation.

We also provide day-to-day assistance to our clients, including counsel on broker-dealer compliance and corporate governance.

Foreign Direct Investments

With its abundant stream of natural resources and demand for infrastructures, Indonesia is an attractive venue of foreign direct investments. Our thorough understanding of the Indonesian Investment Law and its implementing regulations enable us to efficiently advise on the legal aspects of doing business in Indonesia and guide our clients through the process of establishing presence or a joint venture in Indonesia.

We adopt a proactive approach and invest in understanding the dynamics of the industry sectors within which our clients operate. We are committed to assist our clients in addressing numerous material issues that comes with the territory of foreign direct investments.

Commercial Contract

Contractual framework is a critical component across all industries and sectors. We provide commercial contract support for corporations in various sectors and also handle the drafting of transaction-oriented contracts. Our lawyers have substantial experience in drafting and concluding contracts, having frequently handled the drafting of agreements involving multiple parties and jurisdictions. We also have notable experience and knowledge in representing different side of parties to prepare and review many types of commercial contracts and thus we are able to provide valuable insights from multiple perspectives depending on our client’s needs.

We provide a comprehensive service on strategic transactions or day-to-day basis. We work closely with clients in determining their business priorities and interests, and then use that knowledge to draft the necessary contracts to protect the clients’ rights, mitigate the associated risks and preserve the business relationships. Clients also rely on our excellent transactional skills when dealing in negotiations with counter parties.


Our practice is second to none when it comes to agribusiness or plantation. We are well equipped with the industry knowledge and expertise enabling us to support our clients to make informed business decisions. We have a spectrum of clients involved in agribusiness, including plantation owners, food producers, technical assistance providers, agrichemicals manufacturers, processors of agricultural commodities and commodities traders. This allows us to have an in depth understanding of the operational issues faced by clients operating at levels of production, refining, trading and transportation.

We advise agribusinesses on all aspects of their operations, including domestic and foreign investment acquisitions, joint ventures, cooperation agreements and R&D contracts, international trade, land matters and technology licensing.

Real Estate

The Indonesia’s land law is very complex, reflecting customary law developed over hundreds of years at the village level, as modified by Dutch Colonial rule, with an over layer of more recent central Government laws and regulations. In line with Indonesia’s increasing demand for infrastructures, we have been advising clients in dealing with various real estate transactions. Our clients choose us because we have the experience dealing in varying transactions commonly done in the real estate industry, knowledge of applicable laws and customs, and foresight into new industry trends.

Financing & Securitization

Our financing & securitization practice includes loan financing, securitization and debt restructuring transactions. Our experience of acting for borrowers engaged in a variety of industrial sectors means we have the skills to anticipate and address the requirements of all parties to a financing transaction.

With attention to market adjustments due to the changing economic, political and regulatory conditions, we also have the expertise to spot conditions that might lead to risk for our clients. We can then organize strategies to defend clients’ rights, including enforcing security rights or defend clients at the relevant dispute resolution forums.


Management of human resources is an integral part of every successful business. Employers operating across multiple jurisdictions often face varying employment terms and conditions, and it is crucial to understand not just the applicable employment laws, but also the local customs in each jurisdiction.

Our employment practice provides insight on how to overcome the full range of employment law issues in Indonesia and mitigate the commercial risks from a local perspective. We regularly assist multi-jurisdictional clients in implementing their global employment policies in Indonesia, while also ensuring Indonesian employment laws and customs are incorporated.

Commercial Litigation

Avoiding dispute from escalating is the primary goal in doing business for most corporate institutions. However, with business risks in diverse market levels, disputes might arise and sometimes cannot be avoided. Responding to such circumstance, we have a robust litigation practice to defend our clients’ interests.

Our litigators advise and represent clients on high level and complex commercial disputes. We appear before courts and tribunals defending clients in all types of commercial disputes and at all levels of trial from the first instance to the top appellate litigation.

Our litigators work closely with our corporate and commercial lawyers to ensure that clients are best served with the outcome that suits their situation and commercial needs. Aside from providing top-notch litigation services, our litigators are well aware of the fiduciary duty to maintain and protect the fine image of our clients before related parties and public.

Our commercial litigation practice includes inter alia banking and finance disputes, corporate and commercial disputes, minority oppression and shareholder disputes.

Maritime and Shipping Litigation

Maritime and shipping litigation is one of our focuses. We have handled maritime and shipping disputes since our inception. We acted for ship owners, cargo owners, charterers, insurers, and P&I clubs in both dry and contentious matters ranging from accidents, wreck removal, ship arrests, marine pollution, cargo claims, and marine insurance claims.

Insolvency Litigation

We represent creditors and debtors in both bankruptcy and suspension of payment proceedings in commercial courts. We help clients in finding the best solution to their bad debts and troubled receivables.

Our litigators frequently work with administrators, receivers, creditors and financially distressed companies.


We deal with arbitration in all areas of the law including commercial, construction, mining, maritime and shipping.

We acted for clients before international and domestic arbitration tribunals including the ICC arbitration, Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) and Indonesian National Board of Arbitration (BANI).

Our arbitration practice also covers enforcement of arbitral award supported by our close cooperation with overseas law firms.

Industrial Relations Litigation

We advise and represent our clients in various industrial relations disputes at all stages from the employer-employee negotiation to litigation in the Industrial Relations Court. Disputes relating to outsourcing contracts, employment termination and post termination rights are among the main issues that we have dealt with.