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Who We Are

Who We Are

Indrawan Darsyah Santoso  was founded in 2013 as Indrawan & Santoso by two lawyers sharing the same commitment and objective of establishing a legal practice together. They believe that excellent professionalism, attentiveness and integrity are the key elements in meeting the needs of clients in significant areas of the law as well as in providing the highest quality of legal services.

Vision and Value

Trust is our firm’s core value and spirit in serving clients. We promote a client-focus approach, where we commit to listen and evaluate all details necessary to provide our clients with the best solution, in an efficient and effective manner.

Indrawan Darsyah Santoso is the manifestation of a vision that we share and value: to attend every matter with undivided care and utmost quality by managing the overall quantity of our workload with the main objective of providing high-quality legal services. In our view, the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our clients are paramount.

What sets us apart is that we ensure every one of our clients is treated as a priority. Our lawyers are dedicated to put the same amount of energy and attention into each matter, by consistently providing direct accessibility, timely and insightful advice as well as pragmatic solutions.

How We Work

Having been forged in an international big-law atmosphere, we are equipped with the experience as well as the know-how in adapting to global market demands. We are able to work seamlessly in a global environment, and we relish the opportunity to assist in the most complex and challenging transactions. On every transaction, we seek to learn about the client’s specific requirements and then work in a way that is best suited to the client’s needs.

Our specific trait would be our versatility in handling both corporate and litigation matters. This is a rare trait not available to many. Our lawyers’ complimenting backgrounds (corporate and litigation) enable us to provide clients with a one-stop service, where we work with each other and consider various legal aspects surrounding every issue.

Our consistent responsiveness, solid teamwork, creativity and constructive output are our ways of serving clients’ needs and expectations, making them instinctively turn to us for support on their most important transactions, challenging disputes or simply on a day-to-day basis.

Reliable reflects us best. Clients rely on our services because we put ourselves in their perspective, allowing us to put our hearts and minds into what we are doing. We apply our passion for the law by combining intellectuality with perseverance, which expectedly translates into reliable advice for our clients.

Integrity and Professionalism  

We believe that integrity and professionalism are the keys to establish a solid trust. Our lawyers embrace and preserve such values with confidence that we can help our clients achieve their goals, while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Our Clients  

We have been retained by some of the largest Indonesian and multinational companies, as well as prominent individuals and entrepreneurs. We are also frequently appointed to work in collaboration with international law firms in order to provide comprehensive services to our clients.