Welcome to IDS Attorneys

IDS Attorneys is an attorneys at law or a law firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia. IDS Attorneys provides legal services in multi facets of commercial and business-related matters. IDS Attorneys is an Indonesian boutique law firm that provides its clients a one-stop legal services.

The name IDS stands for Indrawan Darsyah Santoso, our three partners whose expertise is to practice the best law and legal services covering corporate, securities, and dispute resolution practices.

IDS Attorneys’ firm values are reliable, responsive, and insightful. We are committed to listen, evaluate, and take responsibility for all the details needed to provide effective and legal solutions to clients.

Already faced major international legal cases, IDS Attorneys has the experience and the expertise to meet the demands of the global legal market.

IDS Attorneys Practices Law in Corporate and Securities and Dispute Resolution and Litigation

IDS Attorneys has two main legal services sectors. First is corporate and securities, and the second is dispute resolution and litigation.
In corporate and securities sector, IDS Attorneys provides legal services for its clients in area of practices such as general corporate practice and advisory work, mergers and acquisitions (mergers and acquisitions is also known M&A), capital markets, foreign direct investments, commercial contract, agribusiness, real estate, financing and securitization, and employment.

In the case of company establishment in Indonesia, there are laws and regulations that have to be considered, such as Investment Law, as well as needs of familiarity with the industry environment. IDS Attorneys provides attorneys and lawyers with experience and expertise in company establishment and corporate legal advisory in Indonesia.

In dispute resolution and litigation sector, IDS Attorneys provides legal services for its clients in area of practices such as general civil disputes, commercial litigation, maritime and shipping disputes, bankruptcy and insolvency, arbitration, and industrial relations disputes.

In bankruptcy and insolvency area of practice, IDS Attorneys acts for creditors and debtors in bankruptcy and suspension of payment proceedings in the Indonesian Commercial Courts. We also represent clients during winding up and/or restructuration process.

IDS Attorneys is Among the Best Indonesian Law Firms

IDS Attorneys has received awards in the legal field, such as from Asian Legal Business (ALB) for M&A Rankings 2016 and Firms to Watch 2016. Asian Legal Business is an award that aims to recognize and reward the outstanding performance of private practitioners and internal teams who have contributed significantly to the country’s evolving legal landscape.

These awards prove that IDS Attorneys is among the best law firms in Indonesia, especially in the legal practice of mergers and acquisitions (M&A).